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Social Media Marketting - Facebook, Website, Instagram, Google

  • By Nicolo Barella

Master the art of social media marketing with our dynamic course, "Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Website, Instagram, Google." Designed for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, this course explores advanced strategies for leveraging Facebook, websites, Instagram, and Google to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Learn to create impactful campaigns, optimize websites, and craft compelling content that resonates with your audience across diverse platforms. Through interactive modules and real-world case studies, you will:


Basic understanding of social media platforms and digital marketing concepts

Access to a computer and active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google for practical implementation

Creativity and willingness to explore innovative marketing techniques

What This Course Covers:

Advanced techniques for Facebook Ads and Audience Targeting

Website optimization for improved user experience and conversions

Instagram marketing strategies, including Stories and IGTV

Google Ads campaigns and keyword optimization

Analytical tools for measuring social media ROI and website traffic

What You Will Learn:

Develop targeted social media marketing campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Optimize websites and social media profiles for maximum visibility and user interaction.

Utilize data-driven insights to refine marketing strategies and achieve measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, the course covers cost-effective strategies suitable for businesses of all sizes.

A: Absolutely, the course includes both paid and organic marketing strategies for a comprehensive approach.

A: Yes, the course incorporates live demonstrations to guide students through the process of creating effective campaigns.

Nicolo Barella
Web Designer, PlusAgency

Introducing Nicolo Barella, our dedicated Manager at bstardigital. With a strategic mindset and profound expertise, Nicolo Barella oversees our operations, ensuring seamless business solutions. His/ Her commitment drives bstardigital's mission, empowering businesses to achieve excellence in the digital landscape. 

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